Danielle J. Brown

My name is Danielle Brown. I recently graduated from Florida State University with a bachelors English and a focus in editing, writing, and media. My college experience developed skills in journalistic publishing and digital design. I am currently looking for a career in either of these fields. I am also seeking opportunities in freelance editing and writing.

QMT's 'Legally Blonde' will make you say OMG! | Theater review

WEATHER ALERT: Due to Hurricane Michael, some events this week may be canceled. Please check with the event producer before you go. The set is pink, the stage lights are purple, and the leading lady is oh so blonde. Quincy Music Theatre's newest production of “Legally Blonde” celebrates female ambition and challenges social preconceptions — all to a vivacious pop score. The musical is an adaptation of the Reese Witherspoon 2001 movie of the same name. It follows bubbly and fashion-forward Elle

Crying Over Bagged Milk: The Surprising Practicality and...

Comparing the quirks of Canadian culture to those of the American lifestyle feels a little bit like the intro of a Twilight Zone episode, where the protagonist steps into a place that is almost exactly like the life they knew before, with some strange details missing or changed that makes them think that something is off. It is the land of socialized medicine. Vinegar is offered as a condiment for your french fries. Black widow sightings are so rare they are featured as local news. If you ask fo